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Like Sarah Hart-Unger I would love to make blogging a habit and I will follow her strive to blog daily for september. That will be september 5 to october 5 to me. I have a crazy full month ahead so I should be able to tell you something interesting happening.

So… another item on my to do-list? I have a bit of a hard time adjusting to “back to school”. I think that’s because august ended with a lovely weekend at sea with my family (friday – monday so two less working days) and a trip to dinner with my study buddies a two hours driving, from which I did not want to drive home late at night, so I stayed at a picturesque hotel and drove back via our garage for a care checkup the day after. 24 hours from home and work again. So there’s not yet much rhythm in my own back to school season. The kids are doing fine, though, so apparently we have a minimum of structure in place.

The systems I’m after, however, are those in which I gather all my to do’s in one place. I normally use Firetask for that, which syncs nicely between the app on my phone, and the app on my macbook. But, there’s a catch, cause I try to use my phone less, and so I find myself jotting down to do’s on various scraps of paper and than forgetting about them because they’re not in the app. I can see the beauty of the intended system though, so I’m trying to get back in the routine of putting everything in my phone… You get the gist.

What is your favorite to do system? Are you a paper girl or a digital diva? Or have you devised a working combination of both? I would love to hear!

Further, today is a thursday, so it’s kind of a regular working day at the primary care facility in which I am the manager. However, today is cut in two parts, because at 3 pm we (my husband and I) have an informative video conference with an au pair agency to see if that’s a child care solution that could work for us. To be continued… Please leave a note on your to do systems!

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