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Another of my favorite authors/bloggers on time managemen is Laura Vanderkam. Every season she makes a fun list, of (you guessed it) fun things to do for yourself and your family in the coming season. She usually makes a fall fun list. I like to extend this into an End of year fun list, stretching from now (early sept) through to 12/31. Autumn starts September 21, which is also the day from which there are 100 days left in 2019, so that’s another reason to make this the final list for this year. Lastly, winters tend to be worse in January and February; I can stretch the fall feeling into december, weather-wise.

I would like to note that this is not a to do list! These are items to remember when looking for an activity for a sunday on which lazyness would lead to hyperactive kids but on which you haven’t got anything planned yet; as well as items that you bettter plan in advance because you would really like to do them this year. Also, this is not the regular celebration of holidays such as (for us) Sinterklaas and Christmas. Special effects to those holidays can make my list, though.

Without further ado, here’s my list.

  • Go apple picking. Here in the Netherlands, september is the right time to do this. There is a nice fruit garden for hand picking nearby so I intend to visit that either coming wednesday or saturday.
  • Go to the Winter Efteling, a very picturesque amusement park 60 kms away. I need to plan this with the hubs, because I would really like to do this with the six of us. Our little two-year-old (from Sept 28) will be able to skip his nap for one weekend day.
  • Go to the beaty salon twice, to keep myself groomed, so to speak. To relax, as well as to do the necessary maintenance, skin and pedicure wise.
  • Go for walks when the foliage is colored red and yellow, and of course when they have fallen, to have a playful afternoon with hot chocolate in the end!
  • Maybe do a halloween / all soules / dia de los muertos themed activity or dinner, although I think our kids are on the young side for that (this is not in our usual repertoire of holidays). They do love that Monster kid show on Netflix.
  • Go volunteering at a gala dinner for lonely elderly people. I already registered for this, so it will happen. It’s on Christmas Eve, and I’m really looking forward to it! I will either run tables, or be a table lady, both would be fine. I like to do a Christmassy activity on Christmas Eve. For the kids, it’s not necessary yet to celebrate Christmas for the whole Christmas Eve through to Boxing Day, 2,5 days. I reckon to show them that it’s nice to do something for someone else, especially around Christmas.

That’s it, for now. Maybe some family things will be added. What would be on your list? Let me know in the comments!

Photo: with fall come spiders! Brrr….

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