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So, this is harder than I thought, to blog everyday. But I’m jumping back on the bandwagon! It’s monday and I can think of a few different angles for this blog. For instance:

  • Why is it so hard to prioritize typing a short blog, a.k.a. generating content for my audience, in my daily life?
  • Do I set my goals too hard/high?
  • Why is it that I cannot get into the habit (100%) to set intentions and a schedule before the day begins, so that I would know what to write about and et cetera?
  • Do I need to accept that I am only human?
  • Why am I on this earth…. (that’s why I chose the Student Driver photo 😉 )


Well okay, that last one, I’m not going to blog about (yet). On the other topics:

  • I seem to be diffuse about my priorities. There’s so much to do in just 168 hours per week. I need income, I want to spend time with my kids, and I love working on my coaching biz, but giving time to one is mutually exclusive to giving time to the others. Duh. So how to get priorities straight? I have read countless books and blogs about that. I will try to put my specific take on that in words, for another blog.
  • I do not believe you can set goals too high. It helps when they are realistic, but in general, harder goals are more motivating than easy ones. I strongly believe you can do anything, when you arrange for it. Right back to the first bullet 🙂
  • I sure know that putting the next day into a schedule, complete with which to do’s you’re going tot tackle at what time, helps to ace those shots at moving forward on your priorities.
  • Accepting that I’m human should help alleviate the stress that comes with these big questions and my current annoyance with myself. Do you recognize this? It is something that I know I can help others with, although for me it’s just as hard from time to time. Want to chat about it?


So, to get me out of this rut:

  • I’m going to get a cup of tea.
  • With that I’m going to state my priorities for the rest of 2019 and maybe bake another cake (metaphorically, see other blogs).
  • When I do this roughly, it takes me half an hour. In the other 15 minutes that are left before lunch, I’m going to match my to do’s to my priorities.
  • After lunch I’m set to go knock some to do’s off their feet! Especially the one that is going to bring me closer to reaching my most important goal, which for today, since I am in the office, is working on getting funds for the health center I’m working for.
  • I will schedule tomorrow at the end of my workday and I mentioned a blog topic above, I believe 🙂


What’s your goal for today? Go get it!

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